The "℞" is a symbol for "recipe". It is a symbol often found on prescriptions taken to a pharmacy. In the time before mass-produced pharmaceuticals, pharmacists carefully compound medicines by hand. And after thoughtful and exact preparation, the pharmacist provided the uniquely compounded cure to the patient. From that honored profession is born this new "℞" symbol represting our mission along the 'R'elentless 'P'ursuit of our goals.

StayRxFit, LLC was created by pharmacist, Dr. Edwin H. Adams. His goal is to explore the recipes of success and greatness from across the landscape of health and fitness. In doing so, Dr. Adams wishes to discover the ingredients that help people step forward along each of their relentless pursuits in order to help those with chronic illness do the same.

Several StayRxFit Productions are helping with this mission... (click on image to link)

A podcast show by Dr. Edwin Adams and Lt. Jonathan Jopling...featuring interviews and generational prespectives across the spectrum of health and fitness.

Relentless Pursuit Training - A training community for the betterment of the mind, body and soul. Follow athletes at all levels from across the spectrum of fitness and competitive sport. Join the team!
RxThetics - An athlete management and media production subsidiary focusing on niche opportunities with athletes and fitness talent.