Bedlam4At Relentless Pursuit Training (RPT), we believe that training is an on-going pursuit in every area of life: faith, fitness, and family.  In every great endeavor, we have to put forth an excellent effort, invest our time wisely; and we must never quit. RPT is a movement that embodies the fact there are no real finish lines in any endeavor we attempt; for whenever we do “finish” something, there is always another challenge to move beyond.  Our goal is not to out-score or out-perform our opponents. Our goal is simply to  become better than we were yesterday.  RPT is about being whole…physically, mentally, and spiritually.  This is achieved through setting the attitude of excellence.  If we put forth an excellent effort in every task we perform, no matter how big or how small, we will be pushed farther and harder than we ever thought we could go.  These are the steps that shape us into people of character who relentlessly pursue their passions.  We want to inspire others and share their successes regardless of the training preference, be it CrossFit, triathlete, swimmer, biker, powerlifter, runner, hiker, climber, etc.  This is a community of like minded athletes in the business of serving others through positive thought, motivational words, and actionable deeds.  We won’t stop because…there is no finish line.

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