The "℞" is a symbol for "recipe". It is a symbol often found on prescriptions taken to a pharmacy. In the time before mass-produced pharmaceuticals, pharmacists carefully compounded medicines by hand. And after thoughtful and exact preparation, the pharmacist provided the uniquely compounded cure to the patient. From that honored profession is born this new "℞" symbol represting our mission along the 'R'elentless 'P'ursuit of our goals.

StayRxFit, LLC was created by pharmacist, Dr. Edwin H. Adams. His mission is to explore the recipes of success and greatness from across the spectrum of the health and fitness industries. In doing so, Dr. Adams intends to translate those ingredients to help other people, in need, step forward along each of their relentless pursuits. His passion resides in a commitment to service through pharmaceutical care, step coaching, and strategic problem resolution in health, sports, business, and wellness. Are you where you need to be with fitness, nutrition or a state of health? If not, Dr. Adams will be the mentor you need to achieve sustainable success.
Dr. Edwin H. Adams